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If you drive a Ford truck with a Triton engine, contact Superior Auto & Diesel Repair for service. We specialize in Triton motors and fix common problems found with the spark plugs and cam phasers. We proudly serve drivers across Shelbyville, IN, Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, IN, and surrounding areas. Schedule your service today.

Triton Spark Plug Problems


At sixty thousand miles, Ford recommends that you replace your spark plugs. For many drivers, this seemingly simple service turns into a nightmare and expensive repair bill. The reason is due to the Triton spark plug design, which involves two pieces. Over time, carbon build up can cause the spark plugs to separate when removed.  Imagine the frustration you'll feel when you end up with half the spark plug stuck in the engine and no easy way to remove it.

Our solution is to use a lubricated, one piece Champion Double Platinum spark plug. We also perform a full tune-up using quality parts and inspect your ignition system.

Whether you're replacing your spark plugs soon or already in the process and running into problems, we have the solution.  At Superior Auto & Diesel Repair, we don't only want to be the best Ford truck repair shop in town but also being the go-to guys for all your automotive service needs. We have experience with Triton spark plug problems and are able to complete the job in a timely manner using the right tools and knowledge.

Check Ford‘s Technical Service Bulletin for a list of affected vehicles.

Triton Cam Phaser Problems

A common problem with Triton engines involves the cam phasers. If your engine is ticking or knocking, then failing or faulty, the cam phaser may be the culprit. Some Ford owners report that the engine sounds like a diesel at idle or like it is running on only four cylinders. Some Ford eight cylinder engines use a variable cam timing (VCT) system. This allows the engine to adjust the timing while driving. This is a crucial part of engine operation. When cam phasers stop working correctly, they can cause a catastrophic failure resulting in costly repairs. A full timing chain check or replacement is recommended.

What are Cam Phasers?

Ford’s cam phasers are specially designed, computer-controlled cam gears that have the ability to adjust camshaft position (centerline – advance or retard) while the engine is running. They are used on all 2005 and newer Ford 3 Valve Modular engines. Since the Modular 3V engine uses two camshafts, one phaser is required for each camshaft – two cam phasers per engine.

How do they work?

Engine oil is pressure fed through a series of passageways in the cylinder heads and camshafts, then out into the cam phasers. The engine computer controls a pair of solenoids that adjusts this oil flow through a series of chambers inside the cam phaser. Located inside these chambers are vanes, attached to a free-floating central hub. The hubs are directly attached to the camshafts, and as oil is allowed into and out of these chambers, the position of the cam can be retarded up to 60 crankshaft degrees.

In order to check or replace the cam phasers, the timing cover and chain must be removed. This is a great time to replace the tensioner and guides.

Our solution to eliminate the noise is to use a cam phaser lock out kit as well as to replace any worn timing components and VCT solenoids if needed. The kit includes: two lockouts (one per camshaft), a new SCT programmer, and a custom tune. There are several options to give the engine more horsepower and torque while still maintaining fuel economy. While this kit “locks out” the operation of the VCT system, an aftermarket tuner is required. The cam phaser bolts are torque to yield (TTY). It's recommended to replace them at this time.

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